C.M. Chang, Offworlder 1: The Boy From Cell Town

Welcome to the DeathZone! The deadliest contest since The Hunger Games...

Step into the world of NamJu, one of the most appealing characters since Katniss.

NamJu Abernay lives for only one thing: escaping the slums of Cell Town to play DeathZone, a virtual reality game which pits players head-to-head in a game of life and death. The pain levels are set so high that players leave the arena bruised and bleeding. NamJu's team, BlackPlanet, is doing well. Really well. But if he wants to keep playing or, more importantly, keep eating, he has to find a job. Sadly, the only ones available are boring and underpaid, so when a friend offers him a chance to win everything his heart desires, he jumps at it.

Before he knows it, he's catapulted into a deadly new game involving three impossible challenges and a being from another planet... an offworlder.

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